Five things to watch for in Colts-Broncos on 'TNF'

The good news for those watching Thursday Night Football this week? SkyCam is back! The bad news for those tuning into TNF? The matchup pits two teams -- the 3-10 Indianapolis Colts vs. the 4-9 Denver Broncos -- that were both officially eliminated from postseason contention in Week 14.

Still, it's NFL action on a week day, and that's always a good thing. Here's what we're watching for in the tilt on NFL Network, NBC and streaming on Amazon Prime Video this week.

  1. Frank Gore has done many impressive things in his Hall of Fame worthy career, but this week, he has a chance to add a resume note that can only help his HOF cause. The 34-year-old tailback carried the ball a career-high 36 times last week in ankle-deep snow and now has just three days to bounce back before playing a Broncos defense that is tied for third in the league in rushing defense (giving up just 89.5 yards per game). Denver running back C.J. Anderson put it best when asked about the difficulty of Gore's upcoming task: "Frank can play, man. Still got it, too. Got 36 [carries] last week in the snow? Yeah, man, I know his body's hurting. But he's definitely going to play hard this Thursday. Can't wait to watch him."
  1. How the Broncos' gameplan looks Thursday night should be interesting. Coach Vance Joseph told reporters Tuesday, given the blizzard the Colts and Bills played in last Sunday, it was impossible to see anything on tape to try to glean Colts' tendencies in Week 14. "We tried to watch it," he said. "But you can't. I mean, you just, I mean, you can't see it. You can't see numbers, they're wearing all white. So it wasn't worth watching. I watched about 15 plays and I couldn't see anything. So I turned it off." Luckily for Joseph, the Colts have 12 other games to build some sort of gameplan from. It's still a wacky situation nonetheless.
  1. Demaryius Thomas looked like the Demaryius Thomas last weekend that the NFL had grown accustomed to seeing for so many of the past few years. Thomas had been having a nightmare season up until facing the New York Jets, breaking the 90-yard plateau only twice in Denver's first 12 games. But he logged 93 yards on eight catches against the Jets, and his one touchdown over Morris Claiborne was a highlight-reel grab. Thomas has a juicy matchup this week, playing a Colts defense that is giving up the third-most passing yards per game this season (257.8). In games not played in snowglobe-like conditions, the Colts have given up big yards through the air. It's been a lost year for the Broncos and Thomas, but the Pro Bowl wideout has a chance to end it strong.
  1. Can the Colts show enough life to save Chuck Pagano? Indy's coach is on the hot seat, and he spoke candidly about what that's like with reporters this week. His job is probably past the point of saving, but the Colts have two primetime games coming up starting this week and ending with a Saturday evening game against the Baltimore Ravens next week. Perhaps convincing showings can at least make the conversations about his future longer than they currently appear to be headed toward.
  1. The matchup might not mean anything to the playoff picture, but the aesthetics should be pleasing. NBC announced last week SkyCam would be the primary view for this game, which means a more video-game like feel, just like the TNF matchup in Week 11 between the Steelers and Titans. But that's not all. The Broncos are wearing all orange. The Colts are wearing all blue. If nothing's on the line, at least the pictures will be colorful.
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