Five Bold Predictions for Week 3

As I sit here debating on if I'm going to start Matt Breida or Philip Lindsey this week, let's take some time to do some bold predictions for Week 3. The not-so-bold prediction is that most of these will likely blow up in my face and you'll gleefully come to drag me on Twitter about it. Which is fine, I will probably deserve it.

1. Ben Roethlisberger will be the QB1 this week

If the Steelers were a movie, this would be the depressing scene at the end of the second act. Like when Marky Mark was trying to sell baking powder to a dude listening to Sister Christian while his cabin boy was lighting off firecrackers. But, I'm telling you. Now that everyone is writing off the Steelers, they are going to destroy the Bucs. Big Ben is going to have a monster game against that defense. Antonio Brown going up against Ryan Smith is the biggest mismatch of the weekend. JuJu Smith-Schuster facing M.J. Stewart is also a huge mismatch. There seems to be too much pride with this team. I'm guessing they come together on Sunday night as they huddle in the lobby bar of their team hotel in Ybor City and has this stuff out.

2. Matt Ryan has another Top 10 performance

Ryan is the worst best quarterback in the NFL. Like, he's good enough so your expectations are raised. But, he's been bad enough that you should have known better than to trust him. With all of the great depth at the quarterback position, it seems foolish to have Ryan as your starting quarterback unless you're in a 2QB or super flex league. Side note: Super flex might be my favorite thing in fantasy football. I'm late to the party on this, but I have two kids... give me a break. Not to go all Heath Slater on you, but I like Ryan a lot this week. The reason is Calvin Ridley who looked like a superstar last week against the Panthers. If the Saints insist on playing man defense -- and New Orleans tries to slide coverage against Julio Jone -- then Ridley will have a monster game.

Maybe Ridley should have been my prediction here. Can I do that? (Narrator's voice: He could not.)

3. Sony Michel will be a Top 10 running back this week

Bill Belichick is going up former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Did you know, Belichick is 11-4 against his former assistants? The Patriots have averaged 27 points per game against their former assistants. Bill loves to exercise that tough love. Teach them a lesson. He treats his former students like Obi Wan treated Anakin on Mustafar. You were the chosen one. And speaking of chosen one, this will be the game the running back chosen in the first-round of the draft this year, Sony Michel, goes off. See, Belichick could go for total annihilation. Have Tom Brady throw for five touchdowns. But like Obi Wan, Belichick will show mercy. Have Michel run all over them. I'm predicting 82 rushing yards, 5 receptions for 51 yards. Two touchdowns.

4. Kenny Golladay breaks into the Top 10 as well

Let's stick with this game. I'm here for Golladay this season. The automotive industry was turned on its head when the minivan was introduced back in the 1980s. And now, Detroit is on the rebound once again with Mini Megatron. Golladay is third in the NFL with 111 snaps, trailing just Antonio Brown and JuJu. He's fifth in the NFL (tied with AB) with 11 first-down receptions. Which is great for you in the PPFD leagues. And it shows Stafford is looking for him when it counts the most. He's also third in the NFL with six explosive plays, as measured by Pro Football Focus. Let's be real here: The Lions will have to throw the ball a lot. Golladay will feast on Sunday night.

5. Josh Rosen out-scores Sam Bradford this week

The Bears defense just harangued one of the best quarterbacks of this generation (Russell Wilson) and got after Aaron Rodgers over the past two weeks. It's likely going to be very much one-sided in the desert in Week 3. Sam Bradford might end up with negative points or perhaps Josh Rosen finally gets some game-action and scores more than he does. The Bears fan in me is really scared because everybody is taking it as an absolute that Chicago is going to dominate this game, but logic says the Bears should run away with this one. Rosen out-scores Bradford in fantasy this week.

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