Fitzgerald disagrees with Antonio Brown's methods

Larry Fitzgerald cautions Antonio Brown not to underestimate playing with a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Speaking over the weekend at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Fitzgerald was asked his take on Brown's situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I love AB. Mr. Big Chest is a good friend of mine, but I don't think he's going about it the right way, personally," Fitzgerald said, via Sporting News. "To be able to play with an all-time quarterback like he's able to play with, I don't think he understands how good he has it. It can get tough out there."

Fitzgerald knows what it's like playing with a less-than-stellar starting quarterback. During his 15-year career, Fitzgerald has caught passes from HOFer Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer. He's also had to deal with the likes of John Skelton, Max Hall, Josh McCown (early in his career), Shaun King, John Navarre, Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer, Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford and rookie Josh Rosen.

Brown has played his entire career with Ben Roethlisberger as his primary starter. In games Big Ben missed, AB has seen his stats wane.

Throughout his offseason complaints, Brown has targeted the differential treatmentBig Ben receives as a primary reason the wideout wants out of Pittsburgh.

A team acquiring Brown in a trade must weigh its quarterback position as it relates to the receiver's persistent complaints and tirades. A team without an established starter might prefer to avoid acquiring a combustible playmaker.

Fitzgerald put up HOF numbers despite playing with many QBs who were borderline NFL players. If Brown is put in a similar situation, Mr. Big Chest would have to replicate that production, or fear being labeled a product of his quarterback rather than his own immense talent.

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