Final 'Hard Knocks' trailer drops ahead of premiere

The offseason of optimism surrounding the Cleveland Browns gets the NFL Films spotlight with the opening of HBO's Hard Knocks tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

In advance of the Tuesday's premiere, the world was granted a final preview trailer. The latest look begins with coach Hue Jackson explaining that stripes on Browns helmets must be "earned."

The trailer is highlighted by an impassioned Jarvis Landry speech: "I'm hurting, I'm tired, but I can't be taking no days off because I can't be great that way."

A previously released sneak peek showed coach Hue Jackson tutoring No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield on his work habits.

"What time do you normally get up in the mornings?" Jackson asks while on the practice field.

"...Depends on when we start," the young quarterback eventually replied. "I try to get in about two hours before [practice]."

"Do you ever come in with your boy Five [Tyrod Taylor]?" the coach queries.

"He does his own little workouts," Mayfield begins to respond.

"Where is your own little workout in the morning?" Jackson interrupts. "You start your career how you want to, you see what I'm saying? It's a competition, everything you do..."

The Browns offer a plethora of intriguing storylines. From Jackson hanging on to his job despite a 1-31 record; to Mayfield learning the ropes as a No. 1 pick; to how the quarterback room will shake out; to a backfield battle; to the Josh Gordon situation; to an offensive line with question marks; to a defense that has intriguing pieces but hasn't put much together on the field.

This weekend's trade of receiver Corey Coleman offers another glimpse into the tenuous life of a professional football player -- NFL Films cameras were reportedly recording at Coleman's apartment hours before the trade.

Delving into the world of a 0-16 team is a place Hard Knocks has never gone, until now. The intrigue kicks off tonight.

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