Faulk: Jay Cutler gets offensive coordinators fired

Marshall Faulk has a solution for self-outed source and sometimes offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, who recently admitted to telling NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport about his negative feelings surrounding Jay Cutler.

Make everyone see that Cutler really is the problem.

"I'm going to say this," Faulk said on NFL GameDay Morning. "It was obvious that he couldn't go to the head coach, the GM and the quarterback and say 'Listen, this has to happen.' Jay wasn't fixing it or Jay could not fix it. The solution for Kromer is to now have everyone see 'this thing is bigger than me.' "

Faulk added: "Jay Cutler has gotten a lot of offensive coordinators fired, let's be honest. Not just head coaches but offensive coordinators who, after leaving Jay Cutler, don't get a job anymore. Let's be honest."

Faulk was likely speaking specifically about his old pal Mike Martz, who had Cutler for two seasons and has yet to land an NFL gig since. Mike Tice is an offensive line coach in Atlanta, and Ron Turner coaches at the collegiate level in Florida.

Perhaps Faulk was right -- maybe Kromer felt a certain amount of helplessness down the stretch. After being looked at as a hot commodity under Marc Trestman last year, might frustration have mounted after seeing his stock drop?

Maybe Kromer should grab some dinner with Martz and Tice.

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