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Faulk: GMs overpaying unproven QBs are 'buffoons'

Marshall Faulk doesn't appreciate the rapidly-rising market value of NFL quarterbacks.

Following a Michael Silver piece on* NFL GameDay Morning* about the looming Kirk Cousins contract dilemma, Faulk eyed a sheet of the league's highest-paid quarterbacks and noted how low Tom Brady was on the list. Depending on the search criteria, Brady could be the league's 19th-highest-paid (total value of a contract), 12th highest-paid (average per year) or fourth highest-paid (in 2016 total cash), according to salary cap site Spotrac.

Regardless, that didn't sit well.

"These GMs out here who keep paying these guys just so they can say 'this is what we need to do,' you are buffoons. That's what you are," Faulk said. "Seriously. Some of these guys have not done anything to get the money they've gotten but potential gets paid and sometimes talent is not rewarded in this league. They want to discover the guy. They want to be responsible for the guy and what happens is, these owners get stuck with these guys on the bench holding money bags.

"There's just guys on this list where I really don't know what to say."

The discussion expanded to include some of the mega-deals received by Jay Cutler (seven years, $126 million) and Brock Osweiler (four-year, $72 million) in recent years. Cutler is almost certainly on his way out of town in Chicago, and Osweiler was benched last week in favor of Tom Savage.

It's hard to argue Faulk's point. Obviously, teams following New England's formula tend to perform better because they can spread the money around. The Seattle Seahawks are another great example, having won a Super Bowl while Russell Wilson was still on his rookie contract. Meanwhile, the Texans find themselves in the middle of a salary-cap pickle.

Will the Redskins put themselves in a similar situation after this year?

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