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Fantasy instant debate: Playing fantasy matchmaker

With the draft coming this week, it's a chance to play fantasy matchmaker. Which prospect-NFL team pairing would get you most excited to draft that player on your fantasy squad?

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  • Michael Fabiano NFL Media Senior Fantasy Analyst
  • New workhorse in Dallas?

Can I be a little bit of a homer here? Imagine if you will, a scenario where Todd Gurley was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Imagine the top-rated running back, whom many compare to Marshawn Lynch, toting the rock behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL! (Stop drooling already...) Unfortunately, I think this scenario is impossible with the Cowboys picking so late in Round 1. But this is fantasy, right?

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  • James Koh NFL Fantasy LIVE Host/NFL Media Reporter
  • The hype train is rolling


A couple WR landing spots get me revved up: Derek Carr has no conscience and watching him winging it 20 times a game to Kevin White would be beyond fun. Jaelen Strong to the Saints would be PPR gold with Jimmy Graham gone.

But in terms of excitement, let me wipe Fabs' drool off my keyboard and talk Dallas and running backs. Basing this off nothing other than a hunch, I can see the Cowboys moving up in the draft (possibly with Houston?) and taking Todd Gurley.

It's simple math: Gurley + Dallas O-line = MPDH (Mad Pre-Draft Hype)

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  • Alex Gelhar NFL Media Writer/Editor
  • Jay leads the way

I mentioned it in my "Prospect-a-Day" piece on him, but I would love to see former Boise State running back Jay Ajayi land in Jacksonville. That team, and Blake Bortles, is in need of a feature back. Ajayi could be a three-down player for them from the get-go, racking up fantasy points and freeing up Bortles and the passing game in the process. Now, if you're wondering why I'd actually be excited about a fantasy player in Jacksonville, it's because the asking price would be significantly lower than the end value. I could likely scoop Ajayi up as my fourth or fifth running back an hope he delivers top-30 numbers like I believe he's capable of -- even if he loses some touches to Denard Robinson.

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  • Marcas Grant NFL Media Fantasy Editor
  • Mariota to the (Bills) Mafia

I'd love to see Marcus Mariota go to Buffalo and land with the Bills. I know it's a longshot, but if we're dreaming ... dream big. Mariota will have a steep learning curve to adjust to a pro-style offense and I fear that he could be an Alex Smith-type that tends to opt for the short or intermediate throw far too often. The difference would be that in Buffalo, Mariota would have a plethora of weapons -- LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods -- that can turn short throws into long plays. That's before you factor in Mariota's ability to make plays with his legs. It's probably asking too much, but if there's any way Rex Ryan and company can move up to grab Mariota, it could be a match made in fantasy heaven.

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