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Fantasy instant debate: Buying the C.J. Spiller hype?

The C.J. Spiller hype train is off and running, with some reports saying Spiller could get more touches than Mark Ingram this season. Are you buying into the hype, or is it an offseason smokescreen?

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  • Michael Fabiano NFL Media Senior Fantasy Analyst
  • Cautiously optimistic

I feel like the Spiller hype train gains steam every offseason, and every season (but one) he fails. Make no mistake ... Ingram is going to start and see early-down and goal-line work in an offense that could be more balanced in 2015. In fact, I like him as a high-end No. 2 fantasy runner and worth an early-round pick. With that being said, I do think Spiller will be a PPR boon as the new Reggie Bush/Darren Sproles/Pierre Thomas in New Orleans. There are a lot of targets to be had in that offense, and Spiller should earn a bunch of them. While I prefer him as an RB3/flex starter in 10-team standard formats, he's a surefire RB2 in PPR leagues.

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  • Alex Gelhar NFL Media Writer/Editor
  • Safe to get on board

I'm going to ignore Chuck D's advice here and believe most of the hype. But this out-touching Ingram business seems like a bit much. Perhaps the drivers of the hype-train are just loopy from all of the fumes the train has been producing as it picks up speed. The Saints have been retooling their offense all offseason to support a more run-heavy system, and Ingram is the perfect back to execute that early-down thumper role they'll need. However, given Spiller's ability to run between the tackles and be dangerous in space, I think he could have great value as an RB2. Everyone is scared of the "committee" word, but let's not forget that it doesn't immediately destroy any chance for fantasy success. Joique Bell and Reggie Bush both posted top-20 numbers in their committee in Detroit, and I could see a similar split for Ingram and Spiller down in the Bayou in 2015.

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  • Marcas Grant NFL Media Fantasy Editor
  • Starting to believe

I'm on board ... for now. But I'm also reserving the right to tuck-and-roll off this thing at the first sign of trouble. As a dual-threat back who excels at catching the football, there should be plenty of opportunity to make plays in the Saints' offense. But so much about New Orleans offseason moves suggest that this team is going to be more committed to running the football in 2015. That makes it hard for me to believe that Spiller could see more touches than Mark Ingram this season. I still see Ingram as the first Saints running back off the board with Spiller having solid flex potential.

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  • Dylan Milner NFL Fantasy LIVE senior producer
  • Not getting on board

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Short answer: No. I've seen this movie before and it never ends well. Ever since Spiller's 2012 season where he burst out with a 1,244-yard, six-touchdown season, Spiller has been the epitome of a preseason fantasy darling. But consider this ... under Sean Payton's reign, the most carries the Saints' second-leading rusher had was 155 (Reggie Bush, 2006) and three times the second-leading rusher failed to carry the ball 100 times. The Saints also re-signed Mark Ingram for a reason -- he can be a thumper. Since 2011, Ingram has carried the ball 41 percent of the time when the Saints run inside the 10-yard line and last year, Ingram carried it 63 percet of the time inside the ten. This tells me Spiller is not likely to have a heavy workload all season nor will he be a go-to option in goal-line situations. I'm not getting on the C.J. Spiller hype train -- besides, my doctor said I should ride my bike more.

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