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Fantasy football waiver wire targets for Week 15 of 2020 NFL season

2020. Week 15. Monday morning.

I'm sitting at the computer, trying to figure out a pithy opening to this week's waiver wire column. After 14 weeks, the repetitive nature of the season really hits home. It's more acute when home Is where you spend literally all your time. Or maybe it's because many of this week's waiver wire options bear a striking resemblance to waiver wire options of the past week.

Hi, Cam Akers. Better yet… hi, Sean McVay. It really does appear that the Rams have finally turned to the rookie to be their lead runner. Not a moment too soon. Especially for managers in the nearly 50 percent of leagues where he's not rostered.

And check it out, Keke Coutee is back! The Texans receiver didn't quite live up to his Week 13 explosion but there should still be plenty of targets coming his way. If you're feeling frisky – or are in a deeper league – Coutee's Texans teammate Chad Hansen has been an increasingly popular target in the Houston passing game.

Jeff Wilson is again popular in the 49ers' backfield, to the chagrin of Raheem Mostert managers. Over the past two weeks, they've shared touches nearly equally (hooray for Shanahanigans!). But a Week 15 matchup with the Cowboys (hooray for Saturday NFL games!) is one that's too tantalizing to ignore. Likewise for Niners receiver Kendrick Bourne, who should see an increased role with Deebo Samuel likely finished for the season.

We all groan at reboots and sequels. But where would we be without them?

Monday afternoon.

My office mate (who prefers I refer to her as fiancée) was on a rip of 90's R&B, which reminded me that oldies stations now play 90's music. Which seems ridiculous until I remember that back in the 90's they were playing 60's music. There is no greater sign of aging. Except, y'know, the random aches and pains.

But there is still a place for The Oldies. Take Philip Rivers, for instance. He's pulled a 180 from his last couple of seasons with the Chargers. Instead of starting strong and fading, Rivers played fantasy possum for much of the season but has come alive in recent weeks. A game against the Texans could keep the hits coming.

It's long past time we recognize what Tim Patrick is doing for the Broncos passing game. With Courtland Sutton out and Jerry Jeudy still developing, Patrick has scored double-digit fantasy points in five of his last six game. The sixth was the game started by Kendall Hinton, so he can be forgiven. A potentially high-scoring game with the Bills in Week 15 sets up well. For anyone brave or foolhardy enough to take the plunge with Drew Lock as a streamer at least can comfort themselves in the knowledge that the matchup is good on paper.

Fantasy managers who are equally avant-garde but slightly more risk averse could stream Mitchell Trubisky. I know, right? I didn't think I'd be writing that sentence this season, either. But Trubisky has scored 18 or more points in two of his last three games. Up next on the schedule is a Vikings' defense that has allowed the ninth-most passing yards this season. 2020 continues to be full of surprises.

Monday night.

Things that are neverending. Laundry, dishes and Adrian Peterson. Peterson is still the No. 2 running back in Detroit, but as long as D'Andre Swift is operating at less-than-full capacity, the veteran will continue to see work and can serve as a depth add.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for … it's the Cleveland Browns DST! Their showing against the Ravens on Monday Night Football wasn't a great advertisement for streaming them in Week 15. Alas, the call to stash them in past weeks wasn't about Baltimore but in anticipation of matchups against the Giants and Jets. Daniel Jones can scramble but no one will confuse him for Lamar Jackson. And then, well … there's the Jets.

Don't look now but the Dallas Cowboys DST has found a spark. After dominating the Bengals in Week 14, the 'Boys get a date with the mistake-prone Nick Mullens and the rest of the 49ers. If you missed out on the Browns or need a last-minute replacement, this could be your option.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy analyst for and a man who feels like we've all been here before. Send your moments of deja vu or fantasy football questions on Twitter @MarcasG or Instagram at MarcasG.

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