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Fantasy football: Avoid the draft-day panic pick

We've all been there.... the sound of an EKG slowing to flatline, the seconds tick away before that crucial decision is due. Whom do you select in your fantasy football draft?

In a frenzy you select a player, his name a blur you barely made out. And just like that, you've selected your third quarterback and ignored the fact you only have one running back on your roster. Sometimes it happens in the later rounds as the pickings get slim, and sometimes you were just so sure Megatron would be there that you never considered what to do if he wasn't.

Don't be that guy this year.

In the words of Vince Lombardi, "practice doesn't make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect." Yeah, I had to read it twice at first too. The point is, don't just assume you know how your fantasy football draft is going to play out. That's why fantasy experts like Michael Fabiano have spent countless sleepless nights putting together a blueprint for fantasy success. That blueprint is called's fantasy football draft kit. Sign up for fantasy football on and make our pain your gain. From basic tutorials on our Fantasy 101 page, to draft strategies for the experienced veteran, every ounce of sweat on the field has been measured in terms of fantasy impact.

Even if you've already joined and are gearing up for your draft this weekend, make sure you're armed with our extensive analysis and projections of over 280 players. From QB to IDP, everything you need to prepare for every single round is at your fingertips. Taking it to the next level and playing in an auction league this year? We've got that too! Check out our fantasy experts auction strategies or enter an NFL mock auction draft just to make sure your fantasy budgeting isn't as mismanaged as my bank account.

The point here is we've done the work, now all you have to do is prepare. There's always one guy who misses the news and winds up with a roster cut casualty that he thought was going to be a "super-sleeper." By signing up with for your fantasy fix, all you have to do is look at our automated rankings list in the draft lobby and select with the peace of mind you are getting a quality fantasy player. Even better, we won't leave you high and dry. Every week you can find analysis and advice from our experts on and on "NFL Fantasy Live" exclusively on NFL Network.

So let those seconds tick away and stay as cool as a cucumber. You've got us on your side.

-Adrian Mojica

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