Fans' choice: Which 'Top 10' episode do you want to see?


Here is your chance to program NFL Network's Saturday night lineup.

Get your votes in now for your favorite "Top 10" episode from the list below. This is a limited-time offer. The polls close on Thursday, July 7, so check back the following day to see which episode was the winner.

On Saturday, July 9, NFL Network will air three episodes of "Top 10." The leading vote-getter will then air at 10 p.m. ET.

Quarterbacks of the 80s -- The 1980s, a decade of parachute pants, break dancing, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, the animated Optimus Prime and Ronald Reagan. It was also a decade of quarterbacks. From Joe Montana to Jim McMahon to Neil Lomax -- who were the best signal callers of the 80s?
» 49ers' 1981 highlights | Lomax's Cards beat McMahon's Bears in 1984 classic

Lefty quarterbacks -- How many left-handed quarterbacks can you name? It's a right-handed world and a southpaw quarterback has to live in it. A countdown of the best lefty signal callers of all-time.
» Young: No. 2 most-mobile QB | No. 9 most-clutch QB

Shortest players -- The NFL is a league for big men, but every now and then a David can go toe-to-toe with the Goliaths. A countdown of the best players under 5-foot-10.
» Jones-Drew is No. 30 in 'The Top 100: Players of 2011' countdown

Backup quarterbacks -- Sometimes, a team's best quarterback is the one carrying the clipboard. This is a countdown of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to come off the bench and turn their team's fortunes around.
» Reich leads epic comeback in playoff vs. Oilers

Undrafted players -- A countdown of the NFL's best free agents. Super Bowl MVPs, Hall of Famers and some of today's superstars complete a list of those players who never heard their name called during the NFL draft.
» Moon throws for 4,621 yards as Oilers win AFC Central in 1991

**NFL Network**'s "Fans' Choice" schedule:
March 26: Top 10 (Winner: Top 10 gutsiest calls)
April 2: Super Bowl Classics (Winner: Super Bowl XLII)
April 9: America's Game (Winner: 1996 Packers)
April 16: Sound FX: Best of (Winner: Ray Lewis)
April 23: Hey Rookie (Winner: 2004 season)
May 7: Game of the Week (Winner: Super Bowl XL)
May 14: America's Game: The Missing Rings (Winner: 1998 Vikings)
May 21: NFL Classic Games (Winner: Packers vs. Raiders, Week 16 of 2003)
May 28: Top 10 (Winner: Teams that didn't win the Super Bowl)
June 4: Super Bowl Classics (Winner: Super Bowl XIV - Steelers-Rams)
June 11: Sound FX: Best of (Winner: Michael Strahan)
June 18: NFL Replay: Colts vs. Patriots (Winner: Pats-Colts, Week 9 of 2007)
June 25: America's Game (Winner: 2009 New Orleans Saints)
July 2: Super Bowl Classics
July 9: Top 10
July 16: Film Session: Profiles
July 23: America's Game
July 30: NFL's Greatest Games

Voting for the July 16 airing of "Film Session: Profiles" begins on July 7.

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