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Fans' choice: Which 'Top 10' do you want to see?


Here is your chance to program NFL Network's Saturday night lineup.

On Saturday, March 10, NFL Network will air the leading "NFL's Top 10" vote-getter at 8 p.m. ET.

Get your votes in now for your favorite "NFL's Top 10" episode from the list below. This is a limited-time offer. The polls close on Thursday, March 8, so check back the following day to see which episode was the winner, then tune in to NFL Network to catch the winning episode.

Quarterback duels -- If you like great defense, this isn't the list for you. A countdown of the greatest quarterback shootouts in NFL history.
» Top 10 clutch QBs: Dan Marino

Things we love about the Giants-Eagles rivalry -- Two great football teams from two great cities, separated by only 100 miles. From the Miracle at the Meadowlands to Chuck Bednarik's legendary hit on Frank Gifford, a countdown of the greatest moments in one of the NFL's most heated rivalries.
» DeSean Jackson's walk-off punt return TD

Toughest acts to follow -- There's only one way to follow in the footsteps of a legend -- create a legend of your own. A countdown of the most accomplished successors of NFL greats.
» Chuck Noll retrospective

Green Bay Packers -- Who are the greatest Packers players of all-time? Considering that it includes just 10 players from a franchise with 21 Hall of Famers and 13 NFL championships, this list is bound to spark controversy.
» Hutson highlights: All-time team | Unbreakable records | Top pass combos | Vault keeper

Football moves -- This list has all the right moves. From the bull rush to the stiff arm, a countdown of the top 10 greatest moves in football history.
» LaDainian Tomlinson's rush to the Hall of Fame

NFL Network's "Fans' Choice" schedule:
March 3: America's Game (Winner: 2010 Green Bay Packers)
March 10: NFL's Top 10
March 17: Super Bowl classics
March 24: Sound FX: Best of the quarterbacks
March 31: NFL's Greatest Games

Voting for the March 17 airing of "Super Bowl classics" begins on Thursday, March 8.

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