Fans' choice: Which 'Profiles' episode do you want to see?


Here is your chance to program NFL Network's Saturday night lineup.

On Saturday, July 16, NFL Network will air three episodes of "Film Session: Profiles." The leading vote-getter will air at 10 p.m. ET.

Get your votes in now for your favorite "Film Session: Profiles" episode from the list below. This is a limited-time offer. The polls close on Thursday, July 14, so check back the following day to see which episode was the winner.

Jerry Rice: Catching History -- A chronicle of the prolific receiver's career that led him to his induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and being named as the greatest player in NFL history in *The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players* in 2010.
» Jon Gruden explains what made Rice great

Wizard: The Jimmy Johnson Story -- Follow the story of Jimmy Johnson who replaced the legendary Tom Landry, the only coach the Cowboys ever had, and inherited a 3-13 team. Johnson would turn the Cowboys into back-to-back Super Bowl champions in just four years.
» America's Game: 1992 Cowboys | Dallas dominates Super Bowl XXVII

John Elway: Champion Forever -- A special look at the brilliant career of one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever played in the NFL. From his outrageous refusal to play for the team that drafted him through his tortuous route to Super Bowl success, the story of John Elway is the tale of a man driven to compete, to achieve, to endure and, ultimately, to conquer.
» Broncos upset Packers in Super Bowl XXXII | Elway leads 'The Drive'

Joe Montana: The Fire Inside -- The story of the best quarterback ever to play the game (ranking ahead of Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning on the *The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players* list. Montana won three Super Bowl MVP awards and four Super Bowl titles. This show is a tribute to the living legend.
» Montana is No. 4 in 'The Top 100' | Montana is No. 1 clutch QB ever

Dan Marino: Heart of a Champion -- This exciting film chronicles Marino's remarkable career with the Dolphins, from the amazing start to his career with a Pro Bowl nod in 1983 to his final starring role in Miami's stirring comeback win in the 1999 playoffs.
» Marino beats Seahawks in '99 AFC playoffs | Marino is No. 10 clutch QB ever

**NFL Network**'s "Fans' Choice" schedule:
March 26: Top 10 (Winner: Top 10 gutsiest calls)
April 2: Super Bowl Classics (Winner: Super Bowl XLII)
April 9: America's Game (Winner: 1996 Packers)
April 16: Sound FX: Best of (Winner: Ray Lewis)
April 23: Hey Rookie (Winner: 2004 season)
May 7: Game of the Week (Winner: Super Bowl XL)
May 14: America's Game: The Missing Rings (Winner: 1998 Vikings)
May 21: NFL Classic Games (Winner: Packers vs. Raiders, Week 16 of 2003)
May 28: Top 10 (Winner: Teams that didn't win the Super Bowl)
June 4: Super Bowl Classics (Winner: Super Bowl XIV - Steelers-Rams)
June 11: Sound FX: Best of (Winner: Michael Strahan)
June 18: NFL Replay: Colts vs. Patriots (Winner: Pats-Colts, Week 9 of 2007)
June 25: America's Game (Winner: 2009 New Orleans Saints)
July 2: Super Bowl Classics (Winner: Super Bowl XXXI)
July 9: Top 10 (Winner: Quarterbacks of the 80s)
July 16: Film Session: Profiles
July 23: America's Game
July 30: NFL's Greatest Games

Voting for the July 23 airing of "America's Game" begins on July 14.

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