Fan upset Cam Newton tore Packers sign down

A grand gesture by Cam Newton in the spirit of protecting home-field advantage was not welcomed by at least one person.

On Sunday, prior to the Panthers' 37-29 win over the Packers that lifted Carolina to 8-0, Newton spotted the following sign hanging from a wall at Bank of America Stadium:

Newton tore down the banner and jogged off the field with the signage under his arm. Newton's actions have led a local man, Mike Dobs, to report the theft to authorities, according to The Fayetteville Observer.

"I was just shocked, shocked," said Dobs, who spent $500 on the sign and had planned to hang it in his "man room."

Dobs reported the incident to both police inside Bank of America Stadium and Panthers officials. Dobbs' understanding is that the sign was destroyed, according to the Observer. Dobbs told the Observer that a Panthers official told him they would make it up to him.

Dob's beef is all for naught, anyway. Panthers stadium policy is that "No banners or flags expressing support of visiting teams may be affixed to or displayed on any surface," per the team's official site.

Newton -- who ran into a more serious theft situation in his college days -- didn't shy away from his decision after the win.

"There's a Green Bay banner in Bank of America Stadium," Newton said. "That don't match. ... I feel it's my due diligence to protect this house."

"We played in Green Bay last year and I didn't see no 'Panther Country' signs in their stadium."

Newton added this hammer drop: "You're not going to sell a Whopper at McDonald's."

You can add "Desecration of a Man Room" to Cam Newton's MVP resume.

UPDATE: Ron Rivera briefly addressed the issue of the sign during his Monday news conference.

"It's being taken care of. Cam's been talked to. We are reaching out to the other party. And we're moving on."

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