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Falcons want to use Dontari Poe more on offense

The Atlanta Falcons are beginning to understand the power of Dontari Poe.

The defensive tackle saw his first three offensive snaps of the season in the Falcons' blowout win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10. Poe blocked for two goal-line runs -- the second Tevin Coleman blasted in for a score -- and was part of a play-fake on a one-yard TD pass.

The 346-pound man who brought us "Hungry Pig Right" and the "Bloated Tebow Pass" last year with the Kansas City Chiefs could see more time on offense after the group's struggles in short-yardage situations this season.

Poe has two career rushing touchdowns (the one on "Hungry Pig Right" actually came after Poe caught the ball, but because it was a backward pass it goes as a rushing score instead of a receiving TD) and a TD pass.

After being a blocker and decoy in his three snaps Sunday, might Poe reprise his scoring role in Atlanta?

"Great changeup for us," Julio Jones said of the defensive tackle's presence on offense, via ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "Putting Poe in there, and then having a pass play off it... shoot, you might hand him the ball. You never know what you're going to get. I mean, he's a big fullback. He's very athletic. He's a great addition to the team."

YES! YES! YES! #GivePoeTheBall

Everyone -- and I do mean EVERYONE -- loves when big men get the ball. Something memorable always happens when 300-pound people grip that pigskin (sorry, Marshall Newhouse).

According to Dan Quinn, he's been stumping for Poe to get more action on offense.

"As far as the goal-line part is concerned, I've been nudging that along for a while, and it's a part of his game that he's able to do. Not only can he line up at fullback and he can catch it and he can run it, he's got some of the best hands we have," Quinn said. "It definitely brought some energy to our team. And it was a pretty clear running lane to run right behind.

"It was good to have him in the game, and it definitely brought some energy to the team. He's such a versatile guy and such a good athlete, it's pretty easy to do."

I'm going to mark that down as another strike against Steve Sarkisian. He's had permission to use Poe on offense and didn't do it until now? For shame, Steve. For shame.

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