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Falcons to rest Julio Jones, Alex Mack this week

Let's get our Julio Jones and Alex Mack injury updates out of the way for the week.

Both the receiver and center will rest this week, coach Dan Quinn told WCGZ-FM in Atlanta on Wednesday.

"We're going to rest two players this week, that's Alex Mack and Julio, in preparation for them when we get down to Houston so they're able to participate in practices,'' Quinn said, via ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "That's the goal that we set out for them, and that's the game plan. They'll be able to play. But past those two, we're healthy getting into our preparation on the field today.''

Jones is nursing a toe injury suffered in early December. Mack hurt his ankle in the NFC Championship Game but returned to the contest.

Sitting both for practices this week makes sense and will have no negative affect on their ability to perform in the Super Bowl.

Atlanta will practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before heading to Houston on Sunday. From there, we'll update Jones and Mack's statuses.

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