Experts' mock draft, picks Nos. 25-32 gathered writers and broadcasters from around the country to play GM for the teams they cover on a daily basis.

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Team needs: Right tackle, quarterback, safety, cornerback, defensive end (For more: NFC West team needs)

On the beat: Danny O'Neil, beat writer, Seattle Times

Analysis: "I don't see (this player) stepping in and being the Week 1 starter, but I do see him as a player who's going to get a lot of rotation, someone who's on the field for 30 to 40% of Week 1 and someone who does grow into that type of dominant player."


Team needs: Quarterback, safety, middle linebacker, defensive end, running back, wide receiver (For more: AFC North team needs)

On the beat: Mike Duffy, website content writer/coordinator,

Analysis: "He's quick, he's athletic, he's big and he's strong. Those are qualities the Ravens like to have at (this position)."


Team needs: Defensive end, wide receiver, nickel cornerback, tight end, outside linebacker, right tackle (For more: NFC South team needs)

On the beat: D. Orlando Ledbetter, beat writer, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Analysis: "When you have Drew Brees in your division, Josh Freeman in your division ... you have to be able to get after the quarterback from different positions."


Team needs: Pass rusher, left tackle, defensive end, big wide receiver, outside linebacker, running back (For more: AFC East team needs)

On the beat: Paul Perillo, editor, Patriots Football Weekly

Analysis: "He's a guy that fits that Patriots mold. They're more of a zone blocking scheme, they're not going to necessarily power you or maul you, they run a lot of screens, they get to the edge, they run out of spread formations -- they need their (this position) to move around."


Team needs: Offensive tackle, wide receiver, defensive tackle, outside linebacker, safety, center (For more: NFC North team needs)

On the beat: Sean Jensen, beat writer, Chicago Sun-Times

Analysis: "Let's face it, the Bears gave up a league high in sacks last year. They need somebody who can sort of step in and help."


Team needs: Outside linebacker, defensive end, guard, wide receiver, safety (For more: AFC East team needs)

On the beat: Manish Mehta, beat writer, New York Daily News

Analysis: "He will constantly demand double teams in the A-gap and free up opportunities for linebackers David Harris and Bart Scott."


Team needs: Cornerback, defensive end, left tackle, safety, running back (For more: AFC North team needs)

On the beat: Gerry Dulac, sports columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Analysis: "You saw what happened in the Super Bowl, when teams go four and five wide receivers and spread the field on the Steelers that is the biggest weakness and they need (this position) who can run and cover and (this player) is one of those."


Team needs: Defensive end, outside linebacker, left tackle, guard, cornerback, running back (For more: NFC North team needs)

On the beat: Pete Dougherty, beat writer, Green Bay Press-Gazette

Analysis: "He's a guy who can come in and help them right away and very likely will be the starter opposite Clay Matthews."

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