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Ex-Colts coach Dungy wants Manning to stay in Indianapolis

Several teams have been mentioned as possible destinations for Peyton Manning, should the Colts cut ties with the four-time NFL MVP. On Monday, Manning's former coach -- Tony Dungy -- suggested there's still a chance the quarterback might not be going anywhere. 

At least, he hopes.

"I think there is a chance," Dungy said on "The Dan Patrick Show" when asked about the prospects of Manning remaining with the Colts. "I hope it happens. I hope he does end up back with the Colts. I think that's where he should finish his career."

The Miami Dolphins are among the teams that would reportedly be interested in Manning. Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel made headlines at the NFL Scouting Combine last month by saying publicly that teams would be "crazy" not to consider Manning, should he become available.

Dungy himself has advocated the idea of Manning going elsewhere, saying in October that the Colts should draft quarterback Andrew Luck if they can, even if it would leave no room for Manning. But Dungy seemed to indicate on Monday that none of the teams that would have Manning would be ideal for him.

"I don't know if there is a perfect fit," Dungy said. "And that's part of the problem."

Dungy said that going into an unsettled situation might spell trouble for Manning, citing the rocky tenures of veteran quarterbacks Brett Favre and Kurt Warner with the New York Jets and New York Giants, respectively.

"If you are Peyton and you want to play, you're better going back into a known situation," Dungy said.

Dungy also said he had talked with Manning in recent weeks, adding the quarterback was "battling with this" in terms of where he will play next season.

The former coach also expanded on comments that he made to The Washington Post about the hit that might have begun the health problems that led Manning to eventually have multiple neck surgeries.

He said "it never even occurred to" him that a 2006 hit on Manning by Redskins defender Philip Daniels would have been delivered with the intent to injure the quarterback. "But then you start putting two and two together with all this stuff, and then seeing Philip Daniels' comments ... it does make you think."

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