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Ex-Bronco: Peyton less approachable than Rivers

After four seasons in Denver, offensive tackle Orlando Franklin made his way across the division to the rival Chargers.

It's an ideal situation for a veteran player who wants to win right away, especially given that the dropoff from Peyton Manning to Philip Rivers is not as significant as it could be elsewhere.

According to Franklin, there's also another bonus that comes with moving from Manning to Rivers.

"One thing I noticed immediately when I got here is that Philip Rivers is definitely more approachable than Peyton," Franklin said on *Pro Football Talk* on NBC Sports Network. "I don't know if it was because I was a lot younger being that I met Peyton in my second season and now meeting Philip going into my fifth season but definitely I will say Philip is more approachable than Peyton."

Although this is one of those things that requires a lot of time spent in both locker rooms to verify, isn't what Franklin said completely believable from the outside looking in?

Manning has a wonderful, gracious personality in public, but behind closed doors we could totally buy him as the glass-office CEO who scares the daylights out of everyone at the water fountain.

Rivers, on the other hand, wears bolo ties! Right? Who can't approach a man wearing a bolo tie?

Though Rivers' public perception hit a rocky patch during a turbulent will he be traded offseason, it's easy to see why he remains one of the more likable personalities in sports.

Manning is likable too, but apparently just in that scary did you finish the briefs for that Foster Account? sort of way.

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