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'Everything's an option' for Manning but being backup

Eli Manning's career with the New York Giants appears at an end, but the quarterback isn't ready to declare his career over.

"Everything's an option," Manning said Monday when asked if he's planning to retire.

"No, I haven't (made a decision)," he added. "I'm gonna think about it and I'm gonna just dwell on it, talk to my family. Figure out what's best for me and us and what I want to do going forward.

"I don't have no plans. Just sit on it and hopefully have that answer on what I want to do and what my next steps are. I don't want to linger around, I'm going try to make it as soon as possible, so I'll think upon it a bunch over these next days and weeks and try to figure out what I want to do."

The two-time Super Bowl MVP started the first two games of the 2019 season for the Giants before giving way to rookie Daniel Jones. Manning returned to start two tilts later in the season as Jones dealt with an ankle injury. In likely his last start at MetLife Stadium as a member of Big Blue, Manning was given a rousing farewell in a 36-20 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Despite three straight losing seasons for the Giants, and head coach Pat Shurmur being fired Monday, Manning is focusing on the good times during his 16-year run with Big Blue.

"Obviously, it's, uh, tough to kinda know how you're gonna feel on this day," Manning said of it potentially being the last time in the Giants' locker room. "I think it takes a little time for it to kinda truly sink in. I have so many fond memories. I think that's the great thing about football is that you can reflect on the good things, you can choose what to remember, what to forget. I'm going to choose to remember the wins and the fellowship here with my teammates and coaches from this past season and the 16 seasons prior. Too many great memories and laughs and wins and celebrations to worry about at the end of the tough times."

Manning said that while he's not ready to make any declarations about his future yet, he's not much interested in a backup role.

"I doubt it," he said when asked if he'd consider being a backup in New York again. "I doubt it. Backing up is not real fun."

With a diminished arm and lack of mobility, it's a struggle to see a team that would envision the 38-year-old entering the 2020 season as its starter. Manning said he must evaluate any potential opportunities.

"Well, that's what I'll decide and try to just figure that out. I think I can still play," he said.

If no job materializes, Manning sounds comfortable with his future. Asked if he would consider coaching, he quipped he's already got a job helping his daughter's basketball team.

"I felt like I was kind of a coach this year," he said. "I didn't enjoy it that much. I guess, you know, I kinda take it back. I am coaching my third-grade basketball team, my daughter [is on it]. I'm the assistant, but I take it pretty serious and I'm enjoying that, so I will consider some coaching jobs."

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