Eric Weddle earns $1M bonus if Ravens make playoffs

Another year in Baltimore and another shot at a $1 million incentive for Eric Weddle.

The safety has an incentive clause in his contract that earns a cool million if he makes the Pro Bowl and the Ravens make the playoffs in the same season. The first part of the equation was taken care of last week. Now Baltimore must close out the second part Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

"I would trade one million bucks for a chance at the playoffs any second," Weddle said, via ESPN. "That's just where I'm at. It's not that I don't appreciate money or how much money it is, but that's not my incentive to try to go to win."

The 33-year-old safety missed out on the One Million Dollars incentive in brutal fashion last season as the Cincinnati Bengals knocked the Ravens out on Tyler Boyd's last-second touchdown catch.

After the loss last year, Weddle said he cared more about losing a playoff chance than the money. He continues to hold that stance.

"I want a chance at getting to the Super Bowl. I also want everyone to experience the playoffs," Weddle said. "That's where my focus is. [The money is] just icing on the cake if we get it done."

Beat the Browns on Sunday, the Ravens are in the playoffs. And Weddle will take home a load of icing as well.

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