Eric Fisher situation highlights lackluster 2013 class

The Chiefs seemed to glide through a majority of their season-opening win over the Texans, though a puzzling situation regarding their former No. 1 overall pick is still lurking.

Offensive tackle Eric Fisher was dressed for the occasion, but sat in favor of former Ravens tackle Jah Reid, who was signed just a few days prior. Both the Chiefs and Fisher are saying that Fisher's ankle simply isn't up to par.

But a pre-game report suggested Fisher himself asked out of the lineup, which spun the story in a different direction. Was it health related? Was he not inclined to start his comeback season against J.J. Watt, who ended up tying a career-high in tackles for a loss (6)?

Here's what Fisher himself had to say, via ESPN: "They just said the medicals weren't ready yet and that I was a backup, emergency player," Fisher said. "It was completely their decision."

Here's Chiefs head coach Andy Reid: "I got to the point where it wasn't getting better. So from that point, I had to make a decision and there was no time. We are talking Friday, right? I looked at the tape on Thursday ... and it wasn't right. He was trying to push through, but he was having a hard time getting his hips through and ... so I said, 'Hey, listen, we can't put him in a position like that.' So we went with Jah."

There's obviously a disconnect somewhere, between the report, Reid and Fisher. Though the Chiefs are 1-0, their offensive line will remain a major storyline in the coming weeks. Can they sustain a level of success in damage-control mode?

After letting Rodney Hudson walk this offseason, the Chiefs were hoping, at least, for a bounce back campaign from Fisher. But like we've seen around the league, this 2013 NFL Draft class -- Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo, Luke Joeckel -- continues to baffle.

Joeckel, the Jaguars' tackle, hurt his ankle in Sunday's season-opening loss and may be out for a while.

At some point, the curse must be lifted.

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