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Eric Ebron listens to hate Tweets while working out

Lions tight end Eric Ebron hates Twitter chumps. We've detailed this before in a blow-by-blow breakdown of a Twitter rant Ebron unleashed back in April.

Now, we've come to learn that it serves as much more than simple frustration. It serves as complex fuel.

"When I'm working out, I kind of get read (that) stuff to me," Ebron, the team's 2014 first-round pick said, via The Free Press. "My trainer's different, man. What he does is he finds every weakness that you have and he tries to break it in half. He's very good at what he does, and I'm well aware of the comments that people say."

It's an interesting move for a player who will always be in a complex situation mentally. Though he was ahead of Odell Beckham on the Lions' draft board -- and there is nothing he can do about it -- he will always be compared to receiving threats like Beckham in that draft.

Though the Lions already have a formidable passing attack without him, that No. 10 pick back in 2014 was supposed to be the one piece that would vault Detroit back into contention in the NFC North.

Instead, they got a project, which is fine. Ebron is a beast when used properly and it's only a matter of time before we see his potential at the NFL level.

It's almost impossible for him to realize that in his current situation, though, which is why Ebron is busting out pull ups while getting Twitter insults hurled at him.

What we should do is propose a treaty for now: Everyone lay off Ebron until he gets his feet underneath him. And Ebron, he won't take things that aren't his fault to heart so much.

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