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Eric DeCosta content in role assisting Ozzie Newsome

The Baltimore Ravens have had only one general manager, Ozzie Newsome, in franchise history.

The only thing more surprising is the fact that his top lieutenant and expected successor has remained around almost as long.

Each year when general manager vacancies appear, Eric DeCosta's name is the first to surface. But the Ravens assistant GM isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"Every day I come here and work with my friends," DeCosta said this week, via CSN Baltimore. "I think it's a relationship business. In the end, personal ambitions aside, all you have is your reputation and your friends and your enjoyment in life."

Newsome, who is 59, recently said he isn't planning on leaving the throne soon. And while that eventually might force DeCosta's hand, he doesn't sound like he's in a hurry.

"I love Baltimore, the community, my wife's from Baltimore," he said. "I've been here 20 years. My kids go to school here, so it's great."

It sounds simple, and in many cases unreasonable, but this is what makes Baltimore one of the best franchises in football.

Somewhere along the line, the Ravens fostered the type of culture that makes their best talent want to stay home even when no concrete succession plan is in place.

DeCosta could have headed up the Jets twice by now, as well as a few other organizations with a more legitimate chance of landing the perennial top executive.

Instead, he's content behind Newsome. And that says something.

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