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Eric Davis: Doug Marrone quit on Buffalo Bills

Doug Marrone's sudden departure from Buffalo stunned plenty of his former players.

"How quickly things can change just had a team meeting Monday and wasn't given a heads up, but guess that's how this business works," C.J. Spiller tweeted on Wednesday.

Added Aaron Williams: "Lost all respect!! Completely pissed off, but not gonna let it ruin my New Years #Deuces #CantWait."

But did Marrone really do the wrong thing? The question is interesting enough to debate given the uncertain and unforgiving nature of the NFL.

NFL Media's Eric Davis summed up the player side well this morning on NFL AM.

"If I was in Buffalo, I'd be upset with him, man," Davis said. "From a player's standpoint, I would be upset. Just give me a heads up if you're quitting on me, because that's what you did: You're quitting on me."

"You're talking about what's good for the team," Davis continued, "putting all of your personal feelings aside and making certain that you're doing things for the team, and then you're just gonna walk out on me?"

But former NFL offensive lineman and current league analyst Ross Tucker raises a good point, too.

Is Marrone earning the right to be vilified, or did he see a golden opportunity to coach his hometown team while taking advantage of a phenomenal clause in his contract?

If he is indeed hired by the Jets and could get some input on the general manager search, would that not be worlds better than his former situation in Buffalo?

You have to feel for Marrone's players, but at the same time, this might have been an opportunity too good to pass up.

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