Eric Berry's agent not calling contract talks 'positive'

On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey characterized contract talks with Eric Berry's representatives as "very positive conversations."

The All-Pro safety's agent would like to toss some cold water on that optimism.

Responding to an story on Dorsey's comments, Berry's agent, Chad Speck, tweeted:

"I wouldn't characterize it as 'positive' -- but we are talking. We've got a long ways to go."

Speck's public rebuttal speaks to possible frustration from the player's side -- the agent could have, you know, said nothing.

Dorsey was asked Thursday if he thought Berry would actually sit out the season.

"In today's football, you never know," Dorsey said, per "When I look at this, we have very positive and open dialogue with the representatives, that's a good thing from my perspective. Everybody's entitled to their opinions. I know when I deal with Eric's representatives and I feel good and positive and his representatives feel positive I think that's positive for everybody moving forward."

The upbeat outlook Dorsey keeps pushing doesn't seem to be going both ways. If the sides don't get closer in the next few weeks, the Chiefs might be forced to use the tag again, which could result in a lengthy holdout from the playmaking safety.

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