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Elway confident Broncos' QB search is over with Lock

John Elway has swung and missed on quarterbacks again, and again, and again and again.

Like any good hitter, however, the Broncos' GM will keep on swinging until he finally connects. His latest stroke was moving up in the second round to snag Drew Lock, the top-graded signal-caller on his draft board.

"You're always trying to find an answer to the quarterback position," Elway told Mike Klis of 9News Denver. "You can't wait till you don't have one. We've been working on it and you're always working on it.

"We feel good about what we have in Drew and his ability over the next couple years to continue to grow and make some strides. Hopefully, he's that guy for the future."

We chide Elway for his misses on the likes of Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch, and tossing money at Case Keenum, but he's absolutely correct that he can't stop taking swings at finding a quarterback.

As Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff famously said, until you find your franchise quarterback, the search "consumes you."

The search for Peyton Manning's eventual heir has definitely consumed Elway, and his misses are starting to put dings in his previously pristine suit of armor.

Right now, the plan is for the Broncos to ride Joe Flacco next season, and maybe in 2020 if all goes well, then hand off the baton to Lock.

If that plan with Lock, like the previous one with Lynch, crashes and burns, Elway will take another swing -- assuming he's still the man in charge.

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