Eli Manning on Tom Coughlin: 'We failed him'

Tom Coughlin's 12-year career in New York has come to an end.

The Giants announced that the 69-year-old coach decided to step down.

Prior to the announcement, quarterback Eli Manning spoke to the media about Coughlin, the only coach he's played for during his NFL career.

Several reporters said it was the most emotional the quarterback has been, fighting back tears.

"He definitely has not failed these players," Manning said of Coughlin. "We failed him."

It all sounds like either the Giants players were aware Coughlin would be gone or at least they were assuming as much after their fourth straight season missing the playoffs.

Following Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, corner Prince Amukamara compared talking about it possibly being Coughlin's last game to uttering the name Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter.

During a meeting Saturday, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo implored his players to play their guts out Sunday, given the situation, but would not explain what the situation was. "It was almost like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter," Prince Amukamara said, via a Sports Illustrated tweet. "They didn't really say his name but guys had a sense, like...we know who to do it for."

After winning two Super Bowls for Big Blue, the Giants can now talk about how much Coughlin has meant to the organization.

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