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Eli Manning, Giants get latest Super Bowl rings

NEW YORK (AP) - Like a little kid with a brand new toy, Eli Manning couldn't wait.

"You're up on stage getting the box," Manning said Wednesday night, "and you wonder how quickly you can get off stage and open the box and get the ring on."

Manning and his New York Giants teammates received their Super Bowl rings at Tiffany's, and the jewelry was as impressive as the Giants' run through the NFL playoffs last winter.

It was the second title in four years for Manning and the Giants, and the fourth overall in the Super Bowl era for the franchise.

This ring features white gold and sapphires surrounding the NY logo. There are four Vince Lombardi Trophy replicas, too.

"The blue makes it a little different," Manning said. "We wanted some blue - the Giants are `Big Blue.' We definitely wanted to get a little blue to spark it up a little bit."

The inside of the ring is engraved with coach Tom Coughlin's mantra from last season, "Finish," and "All In," another theme the team involved as it won its final two regular-season games to take the NFC East, then won four postseason games, including the Super Bowl over New England.

End Justin Tuck, the leader of the Giants' defense, wore both of his Super Bowl rings, the 2008 version almost dwarfed by the 2012 ring. He had one on each index finger as he held up the Super Bowl trophy.

"The second ring makes you that much more hungry," Tuck said. "The first time you might be in awe. I think we want to make it a dynasty."

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