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Eight positive cases in latest COVID-19 testing data from NFL, NFLPA

The latest results from the NFL's proactive approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19 continues to prove it is effective.

The NFL and NFLPA announced on Tuesday its testing results for the period of time from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5. Of the 44,510 tests administered to a total of 8,349 players and team personnel, one player was confirmed to test positive for COVID-19. Seven confirmed positives emerged from testing of non-player personnel, bringing the combined total to eight for the period of time.

Of the 44,510 tests administered, 17,519 were to 2,641 players, while the other 26,991 tests were administered to 5,708 team personnel. The combined positive testing rate across the league for this period of time was 0.017 percent.

NFLPA president and Browns center JC Tretter was vocal throughout the preseason about the importance of continuing daily testing throughout the regular season, and the NFL and NFLPA agreed last week to do so. Results such as these prove daily testing has been effective in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus among NFL players and clubs. With the regular season set to kick off Thursday, the league and players union's approach has been crucial to starting the season without major issue.

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