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Eddie Lacy wants to do 'best impression' of Beast Mode

New Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy rushed for 2,317 yards and 20 touchdowns over his first two seasons, not to mention 77 catches for 684 yards and four touchdowns.

But because he plowed through an injury-riddled 2015, got significantly injured in 2016 and was embroiled in some faux-controversy about his weight and training regiments, this offseason has amounted to a humbling comeback tour where Lacy has to promise that he'll be better and regain his stride.

Unfortunately, he can't point to a promising start to 2016 when he was on pace to rush for 1,152 yards.

"I'm very motivated to prove myself," Lacy said, via the team's official site. "I know what I'm able to do, but I just want to go out and show everybody that I can do it and will do it. I just can't wait to get my chance."

He added: "(I) just want to come out and showcase what I can do, prove that I'm not a fluke, that I can do what I do and do it really well."

So far, the Seahawks seem excited to have Lacy and have already called a 235-pound weight goal (that was his listed weight last season in Green Bay) unrealistic. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he's fine with Lacy being in the 240-pound range and that he wants the former second-round pick to be the classical power back that his 5-11 frame supports.

The one-year deal represents the ideal prove-it scenario for Lacy who, even in a crowded backfield, should be able to put his best qualities as a punishing back to use. It might not turn into the mirror image of the Marshawn Lynch years fans have been hoping for, but there's no reason to believe Lacy can't align his own perception of himself with the rest of the NFL's.

"I've always favored Marshawn Lynch's running style, and that's something Carroll definitely likes," Lacy said. "I'm going to come in and do my best impression of him and just bring my hard work and my hard running style to the table."

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