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Eddie Lacy 'very blind,' but refuses to use goggles

Sight is a fairly important sense, especially when your job is finding holes and blasting through them.

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy has had a tad bit of trouble with that aspect of life the past few days, limiting him in the last two practices because of eye irritation due to a contact lenses problem.

Saying he's "very blind" and displaying his inability to see across the room without the contacts, Lacy told reporters Thursday that his eye started bothering him after wearing his contacts past their normal 30-day shelf life.

The bulldozing runner said he would use the contacts again this weekend and rebuffed a suggestion he go with goggles.

"I refuse," Lacy said before backtracking slightly, per "I don't want to say I refuse because I might, because I think it will be better than wearing contacts, but that's kind of old school."

And by old school, he means a specific old school running back.

"That's what I get, Eric Dickerson," he said.

Lacy had a bulldozing 97-yard, 15-carry game in the loss in Buffalo last week. However, Mike McCarthy only handed him the ball five times in the second half. He needs 60 yards to break the 1,000-yard plateau.

Hopefully by Sundayagainst the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lacy's contact problem will be resolved and McCarthy will see he should hand the ball to the back a bit more regularly down the stretch.

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