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Eagles WR Jackson staying active in California during lockout

DeSean Jackson isn't working out with his Philadelphia Eagles teammates during the NFL lockout, but the wide receiver said Sunday on *WPEN-FM* that he's staying in Pro Bowl shape, thanks to his longtime coaches on the West Coast.

"I'm working out with my coaches, the coaches who have been training me since I was a little, young kid," said Jackson, who grew up in Long Beach, Calif. "I've just been really trying to stay active in the community. I can't really sit around and wait out the lockout. I definitely need to keep myself in great shape and do everything I need to do as an athlete to be ready when the lockout is over."

Jackson said he has been in regular contact with his teammates who have stayed in the Philadelphia area for workouts.

"During this time, we kind of miss it because we're always with our teammates ... and right now we're not able to do what we are able to do so we've just got to keep active," Jackson said.

Jackson also discussed his contract situation. He would like an extension, but the lockout has stalled any talks that the two-time Pro Bowl receiver's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, could have with the Eagles.

"Drew has been keeping me patient," Jackson said. "He's motivated me and tried to not have me focus on my contract, and that's what I have (done) for him, so he can do his job and do what he needs to do for me as a player to feel confident and know he'll do the best thing possible for me. I just really pray and hope that it really works out."

Jackson will return to Philadelphia at the end of the week for a fundraising event.

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