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Eagles reportedly offered first-round draft pick for QB Kolb

The trade market for Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb is "more agressive" than it was for Donovan McNabb last year, team president Joe Banner told the *Philadelphia Inquirer* on Monday.

The newspaper, citing a league source, reported the Eagles have received at least one offer that included a first-round draft pick in exchange for Kolb. The Eagles obtained a 2010 second-round choice and a 2011 fourth-round selection from the Washington Redskins last year for McNabb.

"You can figure if there's a quarterback that a number of teams are interested in, you're going to end up with some meaningful compensation," Banner said. "You can kind of figure out what that means and speculate from there. That's the situation we're in."

Unlike a season ago, no trades can be consummated until a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players is in place.

Eagles coach Andy Reidtold senior columnist Vic Carucci on Tuesday that he feels strongly that Kolb is a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback.

"I didn't bring him in to be a backup; I brought him in to be a starter," Reid said at the NFL Annual Meeting in New Orleans. "And crazy things happened with this Michael Vick thing that nobody thought would happen, so when I made that statement (last season), 'I've got a beautiful situation,' I've got a beautiful situation. But that kid is a championship-caliber quarterback."

Banner didn't confirm the trade offer nor specifically identify teams that have contacted the Eagles about Kolb, but he offered a few clues.

"They are the teams people are guessing (they might be)," Banner said.

According to the Inquirer, that list includes the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans. Last year, the Seahawks and Browns reportedly made offers for Kolb.

Banner said teams that were interested a year ago "remain interested."

Added Banner: "The pool of teams interested in him is much bigger this year, by the dynamic of how many teams need a quarterback and how few other options there are to get one. There were a group of teams that last year tried to get by with OK quarterback situations and it didn't work out very well at all -- all the West Coast teams, the Carolinas, the Miamis."

Kolb was selected the starter, but he sustained a concussion in Week 1, opening the door for Vick to claim the starting job and keep it. Vick flourished, winning The Associated Press' NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

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