Eagles QB Vick organizes workouts with his receivers, backs

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said Wednesday that he plans to gather his receivers and running backs next week, most likely somewhere in southern New Jersey, for informal workouts during the NFL lockout, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"We've had a nice offseason, a little too long," Vick said. "I wish we were in the offseason conditioning (program), but hey, we've still got each other, we can do it together."

Players aren't permitted to use team training facilities during the lockout. So, Vick said, it's up to the players to take responsibilty for their training regimens during a time when they normally would be organized by teams.

"We all hold ourselves accountable, for being responsible for the success of this organization," Vick said. "We're all taking responsibility to step up as leaders and do what's right for us and the football team."

Vick dismissed the notion that the lockout is somehow hinderng his ability to build upon a successful 2010 season in which he threw for 21 touchdowns and scored nine more on the ground.

"I don't think it's hindering my development; I have almost every game plan from last year," Vick said. "I can look at all the things we did as an offense. It's all still instilled in my memory -- it's in the memory banks. The only thing I miss is being able to learn the new things, the new wrinkles we want to put in the offense. But that only takes me 45 minutes, anyway.

"I'm definitely going to improve. I play the game of football in my mind each and every day. I watch a lot of film. I replay plays in my mind, mistakes that I made."

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