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Eagles' passing attack still set to fly with Kolb at the helm

Can Kevin Kolb develop into a legitimate No. 1 fantasy quarterback in 2010?

DeSean Jackson is, by many accounts, the Next Big Thing in fantasy football. Jeremy Maclin is ready to be a consistent contributor after a promising rookie season in 2009. Brent Celek has become one of the top receiving tight ends in football, and LeSean McCoy is a capable receiver out of the backfield.

For years, Donovan McNabb lobbied the Eagles to upgrade their pass-catching corps. And now that they have the makings of an excellent group of receivers, all that's missing is… McNabb.

The veteran quarterback, of course, was shipped to Washington in the offseason, leaving fourth-year man Kolb to reap the benefits of the suddenly prolific pass catchers in Philadelphia.

Fantasy owners really have only two games to go on when placing a value on Kolb for 2010, but they're a pretty impressive two games. While making his first career start in place of the injured McNabb in Week 2 of 2009, Kolb passed for 391 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints - that would be the eventual Super Bowl-champion Saints -- then followed that up with a 327-yard, two-TD effort against Kansas City.

The Eagles were not about to change their spots as one of the most pass-heavy teams in the NFL just because McNabb was out of the lineup for a game or two. And they are not about to turn into the 1934 Bears after seeing what Kolb can do in his brief audition last year.

That means Kolb will be given plenty of opportunities to put the ball in the air and let his big-play pass catchers make big plays.

Consider this, too: Philadelphia did not need to trade McNabb this offseason. He started the last 13 games of 2009 and could have remained the starter in 2010. If head coach Andy Reid and the Eagles believe Kolb is ready, fantasy owners should, too.

Bottom line: Kolb is ready to be a starting fantasy quarterback...starting now.

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