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Eagles-Packers tilt highlights Week 11's cold weather

What is the one thing that could slow down Chip Kelly and Mike McCarthy's offenses?

According to the National Weather Service, Sunday'smatchup between the Packers and Eagles will go down in below-freezing temperatures, with a 20 percent chance of more snow being added to the field in Wisconsin.

This is one of the first weekends -- especially on the East Coast -- where weather will start significantly impacting the way teams prepare. Could we see much more Eddie Lacy down the stretch? How will Mark Sanchez handle the conditions?

The Bears-Vikingsgame will also be played below freezing in Chicago, as will the Chiefs-Seahawks and Browns-Texans. Cleveland has a 90 percent chance of seeing snow on Sunday.

As the climate shifts, this is the time to see how versatile certain players are. It's not exactly the best place for Ryan Mallett to make his season debut, and I'm sure Kansas City isn't going to appreciate such a heavy diet of Marshawn Lynch.

Either way, you better get your hat and gloves ready. Old-school football starts Sunday.

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