Eagles' LeSean McCoy defends his 20-cent tip

Yes, LeSean McCoy left a waiter a 20-cent tip this week. No, he doesn't have remorse over this decision.

McCoy has been dragged through the social media mud after a Philadelphia burger joint called out the Eagles star for stiffing a waiter on a $61.56 tab.

Post by PYT.

"The 20-cent tip was more of just a statement," McCoy said, via Philly.com. "You can't be disrespectful and disrespect someone, and tip (the server). ... That's why I left my card, so they can see my name. Simple as that."

McCoy, who signed a five-year, $45 million contract in 2012, contends that the waiter was "being rude and disrespectful."

"At any restaurant I go around Philadelphia, I tip very well and I'm very respectful," McCoy said. "If you check on that restaurant, the backlash they had from everybody talking bad about that place. But good food."

A cursory web search tells us PYT is not one of those stupid theme restaurants where people pay for the servers to be jerks to you.

The nice random kicker to this story comes via crazed actor Charlie Sheen, who offered $1,000 to McCoy's waiter. McCoy's retort: "I'm happy he's finally doing something positive."

That's a pretty nice burn. But this one is better:

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