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Eagles' Jason Peters didn't know Sanchez was in at QB

Mark Sanchez will likely take this as a compliment.

After completing a bomb to Jeremy Maclin on his first pass as a member of the Eagles, Sanchez was congratulated by some of his teammates, even some who had no idea he had entered the game for injured quarterback Nick Foles.

"I didn't even know Foles was out," Jason Peters said after the Eagles' win over the Texans, per the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Saw the bomb to Maclin, and I turned to congratulate him and it was Sanchez."

The fact that some players in the huddle didn't know there was a quarterback change speaks to the on-field insanity of an NFL game, especially after Peters and the rest of the offensive line watched Foles get body slammed by Whitney Mercilus on the play before. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday night Foles suffered a broken collarbone on the play and would likely miss at least one month.

But it also speaks to Sanchez's poise. Despite throwing two picks, one of which was not his fault, Sanchez moved the ball relatively well and played with the urgency of a quarterback looking to earn himself another starting opportunity.

Seeing the former first-round pick operate in a system that is quarterback friendly, and one that has plenty of weapons, will be one of the more interesting storylines over the next month. There were a handful of people around the Jets' organization wondering if the team had simply botched his time under center there with coordinator changes and temperamental talent.

Now, Sanchez can make it so he's never passed over in the huddle again.

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