Eagles' Carson Wentz posts video of himself throwing

A blurry, 12-second video clip has never made Philadelphia Eagles fans happier.

Carson Wentz, who a little over three months ago tore his ACL and LCL, posted on his Instagram page Monday a montage of short clips of him throwing a football. Aside from the bulky brace on his left knee, it's difficult to tell he's only 14-or-so weeks removed from a significant knee surgery.

The fact that Wentz is throwing again isn't really the noteworthy aspect of the video. After all, he was spotted throwing prior to Super Bowl LII last month. The significant part of Wentz's post is the sturdiness of his left leg, which at some points in the clips bears all 237 pounds of his body weight.

It's hard to decipher what exactly his workout Monday means for his recovery timeline. Though with some close to the quarterback "optimistic" that he'll return to the Eagles in time for their Week 1 tilt, the video doesn't do much to dispel those feelings.

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