Eagles' Carson Wentz, Jake Elliott donating to charity

Jake Elliott's big kick on Sunday didn't just deliver the Philadelphia Eagles a spectacular win over a division opponent.

Thanks to Carson Wentz's offering to the all-hearing football gods, Elliott's epic boot also earned some money for charity.

In case you missed it, Wentz now famously declared on the sideline moments before Elliott's 61-yard winning field goal against the New York Giantson Sunday that he'd give the rookie kicker his game check if he achieved the almost inconceivable feat.

Elliott could have taken the money and run, but it looks like he and Wentz have worked out some better plans for what has to be the priciest field goal of Wentz's career so far.

It's good to see Wentz and Elliott donating to charity. Everyone already knows kickers and punters have too much green anyway. And let's re-live that kick one more time (Giants fans look away):

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