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Dungy doesn't think Peyton Manning will unretire

The NFL has said goodbye to several high-profile future Hall of Famers over the past decade only to say hello again shortly thereafter. Retirements can be fickle, but what about Peyton Manning's?

At least one of his closest friends doesn't think it will be.

Dungy's opinion on Manning matters if only because the two are so close. Manning relied on Dungy's advice throughout the retirement process and, like Dungy, probably would not have left the game if he didn't mean it. Dungy retired from coaching following the 2008 season and has resisted the temptation to dip his toes back into the water since.

Still, we're left with visions of Brett Favre dancing in and out of the NFL. The same can be said for Randy Moss, Deion Sanders, Ricky Williams and others who remained convinced that they could still play the game at a high level. Sometimes, the competitive edge never leaves.

Manning, who turns 40 on March 24, would seem to differentiate himself in that he left with a Super Bowl title. He also left with a handful of passing records that might not be broken for decades, including the all-time yardage mark of 71,940 (both Tom Brady and Drew Brees are more than 10,000 yards behind).

For those who loved watching Manning over the years, there is always hope. Warren Moon, Steve DeBerg and Vinny Testaverde made it to 44. Heck, even George Blanda, born in September of 1927, attempted three passes at the ripe old age of 48.

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