Doug Marrone focusing on winning, not job security

In firing Tom Coughlin on Wednesday night, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan noted his expectations are "high" for the final two games of the season, putting the onus on coach Doug Marrone.

On Thursday, Marrone said the Jags' disappointment this season wasn't on one person and added he hasn't heard anything about his future in Jacksonville. In his third season as full-time coach, Marrone isn't focused on his job security.

"I'm working on trying to win these games," Marrone said. "Obviously, I'm disappointed. I know that I'm judged by wins and losses. ... I know it's always tough to write when a team's not winning and I put that on myself. I take a lot of pride in being a good leader and being able to win football games and obviously I haven't won enough. ... I really just stay in this moment and try to do the best job I can and keep fighting. I am where I am today, I believe this, because I've always just kept fighting and stayed focused. I think that I've always held my head up high knowing I did the best job I can and I will always continue to do that as long as I'm in the position I'm in, whatever position it may be."

Coughlin's second run in Jacksonville ended abruptly Thursday following an arbitrator ruling in favor of the NFLPA on a grievance over the Jaguars' fining players. Marrone said Thursday he appreciated having worked with Coughlin but declined to comment on the fines situation.

"An experience that I'll always look back and be grateful for," he said of working with Coughlin. "...To be around someone that has just a great heart, great principles, great family man, I think those are the things that come to my mind."

Following Coughlin's firing, Marrone said he told his players to focus on their jobs, and that's what he's doing.

"Our focus is on the Atlanta Falcons. We have to win," Marrone said. "Nothing's changed from what I said before. We're all fighting for our jobs, for our lives, really. That's what we do as coaches, we all know that. That's what the situation is. No different for the players, they have the same thing. It's a tough situation but you have to keep your focus, lead and go out there and do your job."

The question after Week 17 will be whether Marrone has a job in Jacksonville in 2020.

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