Doug Baldwin: Seahawks' defense going to make plays

Since he cemented his place in Seahawks' lore with an iconic, acrobatic tipped pass for an interception, Richard Sherman has been the talk of Seattle -- and the NFL as a whole.

But even after watching his teammate turn in another All-Pro season, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that while it would be wise for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers to avoid Sherman on Sunday, he isn't the only defender the Packers should fear.

"It would be in their best interest to not throw (Sherman's) way," said Baldwin while doing promotional work at a Seattle Subway restaurant prior to Sunday's NFC Championship Game. "Because he's my teammate, and I support my teammate. But personally, I don't care if they throw his way or (Seattle cornerback) Byron Maxwell's way. Both of them are going to come up with some big plays.

"(Seattle's) defense as a whole, it's not just one guy specifically that does everything that makes their individual success great or the team success great, it's that core of defensive backs together. That's what makes them so special. So, I think that even if they don't throw his way we're still going to make plays because those guys are capable of doing it."

Seattle's defense is known around the league as one with which to be reckoned. The Legion of Boom didn't earn its nickname for just anything, and the statistics produced by all 11 players speak for themselves.

The Seahawks' defensive front has recorded 26 sacks in the last seven games and could wreak serious havoc against a hobbled Rodgers. That spells success for the most-feared secondary in football, a group that helped Seattle finish the regular season as the NFL's best in total defense.

The last time Seattle found itself this deep in the postseason was January 2014, in what turned out to be a whale of a game against the San Francisco 49ers. The conference title and ensuing Super Bowl victory provided the Seahawks with experience necessary to return to this stage, one for which coach Pete Carroll has prepared them all season.

"It's business as usual," Baldwin said. "One of things that Pete (Carroll) always preaches even during the preseason (is) that we're going to treat every game like it's a championship opportunity and you've heard it numerous times coming from our locker room and it sounds like a broken record, but that's truly what it is.

"We prepare for every game the same. What that does to us is, when we get into these big games, the NFC Championship Game this weekend, it's no different for us. There's no added pressure for us because we treat it the same."

Combine postseason experience with consistent preparation, and you get a team that approaches the build-up with a winner's mentality and a vibe that Baldwin considers to be "very confident."

"We don't make (stuff) up," Baldwin said. "We go out there and play Seahawks football and that is why we're so laid-back and loose."

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