Dolphins reach out to veteran QBs Garrard, Delhomme

The Miami Dolphins were in discussions with quarterbacks David Garrard and Jake Delhomme this week, league sources said Tuesday, but sides couldn't agree on a deal, and the prospects of a contract now aren't great.

Miami had significant interest in signing one of the veterans, with the team struggling at 0-4 and quarterback Chad Henne dealing with a shoulder injury that might threaten his season.

Henne receiving second opinion

The Dolphins are awaiting word of a second opinion that could dictate Chad Henne's availability for the rest of the season, a team source told Jeff Darlington.

The Dolphins are continuing efforts to sign a veteran Tuesday afternoon, sources said, including attempts to rekindle discussions with Garrard.

However, the team has been unwilling to guarantee any of the base salary in its offers, sources said, and with the situation there so dire and the status of coach Tony Sparano an ongoing issue, veterans have looked for some sort of gesture that they would be around for more than just a week or two.

Garrard, a longtime starter in Jacksonville who was slated to make upwards of $9 million in 2011 before being released just before the start of the regular season, could end up signed for $1.5 million to $2 million and has been looking for at least a portion of that to be guaranteed.

Delhomme was a backup in Cleveland last year and spent most of his career in Carolina, where he led the Panthers to a Super Bowl berth. He was with current Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll last year in Cleveland.

Delhomme and Miami didn't come to agreement on a deal, and the quarterback continues to mull his options, sources said.

Several other teams have expressed interest in Garrard, and he's seeking an opportunity to play -- not just a chance to join a roster.

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