Did Kyle Long, Martellus Bennett get in Twitter spat?

A Twitter interaction between Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long and tight end Martellus Bennett is being described as a public feud or rift; an embodiment of the dysfunction swirling around the locker room in Chicago.

But after careful expert examination, we can only conclude that we are thoroughly confused.

Via Fox Sports, it seemed to start when Long joked that he would be unfollowing Bennett because Bennett unfollowed him.

Bennett replied in a series of Tweets that accused his teammate of a certain emptiness in his life, and that Bennett had more important things to do than worry about social media etiquette.

While we could hold this up as a chance to meditate on the Bears' myriad issues, especially since Bennett was punished for actually fighting a teammate in training camp, it's still unclear what exactly happened here.

Bennett and his brother have a fantastic sense of humor, which could always be the true culprit here. It's important not to discount the possibility that the joke is on us.

If not, we'll be more than prepared to pen that Chicago Bears think piece on locker-room discord.

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