Did Green Bay win reveal more about the Bears or Packers?

Not only did the Packers clinch the NFC North, but they sent the Bears into a further tailspin by beating them Sunday. Did the outcome reveal more about the Pack or Bears?

Chicago. Or, as they say in Chicago, Da Reeling Bears. This is about more than the divisional rival they can't beat. This is about seasons they can't finish.

All about the Pack here. Sure, Da Bears' nosedive is attractive to car-crash enthusiasts, but Green Bay went into The Windy and won the division.

They also knocked Chicago -- for now -- out of the playoffs.

In 2011, the Bears started 7-3. Finished 8-8, out of the playoffs.

This season, they started 7-1. Now they're 8-6, and if the season ended today, out of the playoffs. Difference is, this year, they can't blame Caleb Hanie.

True, Jay Cutler is upright but Dom Capers made life hard. So did Clay Matthews, who's back from a bad hammy. Charles Woodson is next. Packers are getting healthy at the right time.

You got Brandon Marshall playing as well as he ever has, and you net 190 yards? Wasn't Jay Cutler supposed to be at that elite-ish level?

Must be hard for him to play that one up with Aaron Rodgers doing what he does against the Bears. Three TDs -- to James Jones, BTW, one of the more slept on cats in the league.

Here's what you need to know about Cutler: More picks than Mark Sanchez and fewer TDs than Sam Bradford. He doesn't have protection? Kevin Kolb had a better passer rating.

Boom. You went Marquez on Cutler. Soon, the Bears might be laid out like Pacquiao while the Packers make a playoff push... Unless kicker Mason Crosby keeps bending it like Beckham.

The original Gracious Pigskin Donor, Carson Palmer, has five more TDs and almost 1,400 more yards than Cutler. In other words, it's not the injuries. It's the QB. Goodnight.

True, but take Cutler off that team and you have the Jags...

Green Bay is rolling right now but Mike McCarthy better not ever call for a gadget punt return like he did Sunday. That was worse than Cutler on his worst day.

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