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Dez predicts Ezekiel Elliott will hit 2,000 rushing yards

Ezekiel Elliott is on pace to smash the rookie rushing record.

The Cowboys running back is on pace for 365 carries, 13 TDs and 1,875 rushing yards, which would break Eric Dickerson's mark of 1,808, set in 1983.

Dez Bryant said Sunday he believes Zeke will not only break the record but clobber the 2,000-yard barrier.

"Yeah, I believe it. Two thousand or more. That's my prediction," Bryant said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Holy hype, Batman!

The platitudes for Elliott's performances have been off the charts. The stats alone are mindboggling.

Elliott's 703 rush yards this season are second most by a rookie through the first six games of a year (second to Dickerson's 787). With 157 rushing yards Sunday, Zeke became the first rookie in NFL history to rush for 130-plus yards in four straight games. He has 150-plus scrimmage yards in four straight games -- the last player to accomplish that feat was Chris Johnson in 2009.

It's not just the stats that show how dominant Elliott has been. The Ohio State product displayed increased patience hitting the hole the past several weeks. He has an extra gear in the second level and can beat linebackers to the edge. He's also one of the most physical running backs between the tackles, often breaking arm tackles and plowing through lunging defenders.

If you don't believe us, perhaps you will take the word of a Packers defender who got trampled by the rookie.

"Just basically everything you see about him on film, it showed up today," safety Morgan Burnett said of Elliott, per the Dallas Morning News. "The guy's a hard runner, a physical runner. He has good vision, good speed. He's a good all-around back."

On Sunday, Elliott took the No. 1 ranked run defense (albeit No. 1 with inflated stats thanks to poor competition) and mowed them over like so many blades of long grass.

The savvy rook placed the reason for his rushing success on his blockers.

"I'll take my O-line over any guys in the league," Elliott said. "I'll take my fullback over any in the league. These guys just come out and execute so well week in and week out. They're the reason why this running game is so successful."

Zeke's power behind the Cowboys' offensive line makes for a devastating combination that will put Dickerson's record in peril.

Elliott would need to average 129.7 yards per game in the final 10 contests to meet Dez's prediction of 2,000 yards. It's a pace that would be tough to keep, but doesn't sound laughably unattainable after the past four weeks.

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