Dez on Josh Norman: Redskins should get a refund

It seems like Josh Norman isn't planning on making any new friends among opposing NFC East receivers.

The hottest spat in the league is no longer Norman-Odell Beckham (that was so last season, people). The Redskins cornerback was seen exchanging words with Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant during Thursday's contest. Ensuing fireworks came about after Thursday's 31-26 Dallas win went final, as there was a brief post-game skirmish between the two.

Bryant downplayed his antics after the game in an interview with NFL Network's Jane Slater.

"I won't say emotional on my end, I'm [going to] say emotional on his end," Bryant said. "I was perfectly fine. I was just wearing his ass out the whole night. That's what I was doing, and I enjoyed it. Washington needs to get their money back."

The Redskins signed the star corner this offseason to a five-year, $75 million contract after the Panthers rescinded his franchise tag. Despite Bryant's mockery of the deal, Norman has seemingly held his own against Dallas' top target.

Per Pro Football Focus, Bryant was targeted five times by Dak Prescott on Thanksgiving with Norman in coverage. The wideout caught three of those balls for 32 yards. Bryant had seven catches for 102 yards in Week 2's win against the Redskins. According to PFF, however, he had zero of those catches on the two times he was thrown to with Norman on him in that game.

The two faced off for the first time last season in Week 12's Cowboys-Panthers tilt, when Norman held Dez to just six yards and one catch on five targets. So if you're keeping track at home, on 12 career targets against Norman, Bryant has four catches for 38 yards.

When a reporter mentioned to Norman after the game that Bryant was held without a touchdown for the first time in three games, Norman cut her off.

"Exactly," Norman proclaimed. "But I'm trash and he beat me all day? I just don't get it, I don't understand. But if that boost his ego, or feed him some fuel or whatever kind of thing he got in his head, so be it. But I've played the guy three times already and my numbers speak for themselves. He can go and cry, holler, hoot, whatever you want, at the end of the day, zero touchdowns."

But Dez would rather have the film do the talking over the numbers.

Here is what the Cowboys wideout tweeted after the game:

Here's hoping we get Round 3 between these two fiery foes in January.

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