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Dez Bryant says Eagles were 'kinda cheap' Thursday

Dez Bryant was held to four catches for 73 yards as the Dallas Cowboys' offense never quite seemed to get on track in their 33-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bryant got into several confrontations with defensive players throughout the course of the game, which led to him wearing a busted lip. Bryant added he was also elbowed in the hip and didn't appreciate the "cheap" plays from the Eagles, per

"They were being kinda cheap, that's another story," Bryant said. "It is what it is, I'll get it cleaned up and I'll be fine."

The Cowboys face the Eagles in a rematch in 16 days, which will ostensibly be Dallas' final shot to remain in the NFC East title race. Bryant said he's looking forward to turning the tables in Round 2.

"I'm really not mad at all," Bryant said. "They beat us and I'm going to accept that, but (expletive) can't wait, but not looking past Chicago (on Dec. 4), but I cannot wait to go up there and play (Philadelphia) again, cannot wait."

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